A Medical Hypothesis is just that 18 February 2005
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Tony Floyd,
Medical Student
Newcastle University

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Re: A Medical Hypothesis is just that

Gregory P Benvenuti has:

> "found this pearler on PubMed entitled "How HIV causes AIDS: implications for Prevention and treatment" by Foster HD..."

Foster is a Professor in the Department of Geography, University of Victoria Canada. There was no need to go to PubMed, Foster has put a response right here on this page (not that I'm blaming anyone for overlooking 1 of a whopping 700 responses).

The full title of the article on PubMed is:

Foster HD. How HIV-1 causes AIDS: implications for prevention and treatment. Med Hypotheses. 2004;62(4):549-53. Review

As you can see it was published in Medical Hypotheses. He chooses to believe that HIV is a necessary cause of AIDS, however deficiencies in certain nutrients are what causes the progression of disease. He also claims to have a patent pending on a nutritional cure for AIDS.

> "this Foster guy can't be an AIDS denialist because he hedges his bets by blaming HIV for decreasing glutathione levels (probably the only way he would get his article published)"

I don't think anyone here can necessarily define who is and who isn't a denialist. There are many sub groups even amongst respondents here. Such as HIV exists but doesn't cause AIDS (Rasnick et al), AIDS exists but HIV doesn't exist at all ('perth group' et al), HIV causes AIDS but it was brought here by aliens (JQ Smith) and other 'mixers' including Foster. At least Foster is consistent from what I've read unlike the absurdity of respondents who try and support 'perth group' arguments whilst quoting from Duesberg's work.

Suggesting that Foster was 'blaming' HIV as a way to get published overlooks the fact that Med Hypotheses publishes just about anything anyway, and Foster's views are repeated on his web site, his BMJ Response and his other (earlier) Med Hypoth article. If the putative mainstream enforcers were forcing him to say anything they have been very busy.


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