Re: Re: Re: Clinical trials of antioxidants 16 February 2005
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James J Whitehead,
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Re: Re: Re: Re: Clinical trials of antioxidants

Dear All,

What would be the best ways to actually get these long over due large clinical trials done ??

The rest is a side issue which could be resolved by experimentation. I would hope , suggest all "sides" have an imput and designes both in clinical trial designe and experimentation designes.Either way I think oxidative stress is criticaly involved and there for antioxidants particulary pro GSH ones eg: just a few NAC,SAG,ALA, ect might be of theraputic value (yet to be fully determined).

References (1)and (2) Was courtesy Christopher Tyler via a post on KS found here

And the original source Can be reached here.

Best Wishes

James Whitehead

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