Re: Re: Galileo and alt-AIDS 11 February 2005
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Tony Floyd,
Medical Student
Newcastle University

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Re: Re: Re: Galileo and alt-AIDS

Julian Turningheart has written:

> he regurgitates (without references!) the tired, Catholic-bashing canard of Conventional Wisdom that Galileo was “ostracized”...

That is correct, no reference was provided. mea culpa.

And then...

> Galileo was vehemently suspected of heresy, not “ostracized”...

For which, (perhaps as an example of what not to do?) Mr Turningheart hasn't, well, provided a reference.

Having an inconsistent and unscientific theory for which you have no evidence does not entitle you to wear the 'I AM LIKE GALILEO YOU'RE ALL PICKING ON ME' badge.


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