Re: Galileo and alt-AIDS 10 February 2005
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Julian Turningheart,
Nashville, TN 37220

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Re: Re: Galileo and alt-AIDS

Tony Floyd (8 February 2005) demonstrates the thinnest veneer of superficial understanding when he regurgitates (without references!) the tired, Catholic-bashing canard of Conventional Wisdom that Galileo was “ostracized” by “religious rulers” because of the uncomfortable ramifications of his scientific conclusions. Were he to investigate the matter rather than accept the consensus of the scientific herd, Mr. Floyd might discover that Galileo was vehemently suspected of heresy, not “ostracized”; furthermore, the heresy accusation was simply the stick with which Galileo’s scientific competitors delivered his smackdown.

Let’s see now….scientist raises uncomfortable questions challenging prevailing orthodoxy…..mainstream scientific community contracts vaporous outrage…..charges of heresy fly. Hmmmm, sounds familiar.

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