Galileo and alt-AIDS 8 February 2005
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Tony Floyd,
Medical Student
Newcastle University

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Re: Galileo and alt-AIDS

There is an endless supply of unproven theories. They can't all be right merely because Galileo was right. In fact they can't all be right because they contradict each other, much the same as Duesberg's theory that HIV (which he has isolated) is a spectator virus can never fit with certain alt-AIDs theories that HIV doesn't exist at all.

Galileo and colleagues were mathematicians and scientists who were ostracized by the religious rulers of the time. These days you cannot just dismiss thousands of scientific papers without being challenged and asked for references when you've quoted someone. With so many precedents provided by the 'perth group' you surely can't blame me for being suspicious as to whether or not arguments presented here have a factual basis?

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