Re: Reply to Floyd: 'HIV' Fundamentalists are today's 'Flat Earthers' 8 February 2005
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Nicholas Bennett,
Infectious Disease Postdoc/Clinician
Department of Pediatrics, University Hospital, Syracuse, NY

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Re: Re: Reply to Floyd: 'HIV' Fundamentalists are today's 'Flat Earthers'

Mr Russell ends his recent post with:

"Floyd (like Bennett, Noble and Flegg) likes to give the impression of intellectual rigour by quoting us an endless list of (worthless) references to authorise, sanction and legitimate his (lack of) argument(s)."

I prefer to see it that we are supplying evidence that directly counters the (worthless) logic behind Mr Russell's arguments. Many, myself included, would reject an argument if it weren't supported by some evidence. Such evidence includes a reasonably sound knowledge base of the field (so that, for example, arguments that HIV virions MUST be isolated from peripheral blood, prior to claiming causation, can be rejected out of hand). There is neither precedent nor rationale for making the argument, especially considering the supporting observations and results. Unless of course, one prefers to ignore the (worthless) observations and results.

Nick Bennett

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