More misrepresentation of experts by the alt-AIDS group??? 3 February 2005
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Tony Floyd,
Medical Student
Newcastle University

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Re: More misrepresentation of experts by the alt-AIDS group???

A respondent has quoted virologist Philip Mortimer as stating:

> "It may be impossible to relate an antibody response specifically to HIV infection."

Now it may well be that Mortimer did actually say this, although given every other time I have tried to verify a statement made by the alt-AIDS crowd the original documents have in fact argued against their point, my expectations aren't exactly high. However if Alexander Russell has a reference for this could he please provide it.

I have read numerous available abstracts by Mortimer out of curiosity via Pubmed. The most relevant statement I can find comes from 1996 (1):

"The high expectations of laboratory diagnosis of HIV have mostly been met..."

I know the first (unreferenced) statement appears on many, err, alt-AIDSish web sites but that, as with many things, doesn't make it significant or even true.



(1) Mortimer PP. Ten years of laboratory diagnosis of HIV: how accurate is it now? J Antimicrob Chemother. 1996 May;37 Suppl B:27-32. Review.

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