Re: The predictions based upon the 'HIV/AIDS' hypothesis have been fulfilled 27 January 2005
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bruno spagnoli,
PhD student
31000 Toulouse/France

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Re: Re: The predictions based upon the 'HIV/AIDS' hypothesis have been fulfilled

I am a PhD student, not specialized in biology (rather in fluid mechanics), but nonetheless very interested by this debate I follow on a regular basis. I learnt many things through this debate and hope it will remain active.

I'd like to ask a question to Dr Nicholas Bennett, regarding the ELISA test and the experiments of Dr Giraldo.

Dr Bennett does not seem to challenge Dr Giraldo's findings, so I will assume he agrees that undiluted serum from any person would test positive on the ELISA.

If a reaction occurs, it means that in the blood of every person, there exists a substance or set of substances, which, either separately or together, cause a reaction with the antigens from the test, although this reaction is confined to a low level. These substances can be anything except HIV antibodies (it would be inconsistent with the assumption that "negative" blood is non-infected). Let's call this set of substances, "agent A".

Now, if we take the blood of someone deemed "HIV positive", it means by definition that the blood of this person strongly reacts with the antigens from the test.

My question is the following one : how can Dr Bennett (or anyone else) be absolutely certain that in the presence of a strong reaction, the reaction is *ALWAYS* caused by HIV antibodies and not by "agent A" present in higher concentration than usual ? (WB "confirmation" would not convince me more, since the antigens in both tests are the same)

Could Dr Bennett provide clear-cut experimental data which would rule out such a possibility ?

Thanks in advance for your reply,


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