Reply to Peter Flegg: Makgatho Mandela's 'real' death 25 January 2005
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Alexander H Russell,

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Re: Reply to Peter Flegg: Makgatho Mandela's 'real' death

Regarding the death of Makgatho Mandela, Mr. Peter Flegg naively stated:

"How presumptuous of Alexander Russell to claim he knows better than Nelson Mandela what factors contributed to the death of his son, Makgatho. The fact that various sources initially stated different possible causes (gall bladder complications, pancreatic cancer) is not unusual in a society where many euphemisms have arisen to disguise the diagnosis of HIV and avoid the stigmatisation associated with it."

Mr. Flegg fails to see here that Nelson Mandela is a true 'HIV Believer' (blinded by faith) - whereas I am an 'HIV' atheist – so I can be far more objective and disinterested and see through the 'disguise' (mask) of 'HIV' fundamentalism and see what is really going on. Nelson Mandela cannot see what really killed his son because he is blinded by his 'HIV' belief.

In fact 'HIV positivity' was the 'disguise' (metaphor, euphemism) for the late Makgatho Mandela’s alcoholism. Alcoholism and liver damage are known to give false 'HIV positive' test results – and Nelson Mandela and Peter Flegg – as 'informed' people – should know this. It is more than likely that Makgatho Mandela's alcoholism gave him a false 'HIV positive' diagnosis.

Indeed: 'HIV' is a 'disguise' and a 'euphemism' that stands in as a 'marker' for over seventy medical illnesses/conditions. Factors known to cause false-positive 'HIV' antibody test results include: Anti- carbohydrate antibodies, alcoholism, Naturally-occurring antibodies, Leprosy, Tuberculosis, Renal (kidney) failure, Flu vaccination, Herpes simplex I, Malaria, Systemic lupus erythematosus, Organ transplantation, Hepatitis, Haemophilia, Haematologic malignant disorders/lymphoma, Primary biliary cirrhosis, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, T-cell leukocyte antigen antibodies, Proteins on the filter paper, Epstein-Barr virus, Visceral leishmaniasis.

Mr. Flegg reveals his blind spot here: "Why does Mr Russell think that antiretroviral drug 'poisoning' is implicated in his death?"

Simply because 'HIV' has never been shown to cause illness, disease or death whilst 'antiretroviral' drugs are known to cause 'AIDS’ related – disease/conditions and death. The severe toxicity of Nevirapine can cause inflamed pancreas glands and liver-related problems and these were presenting symptoms in Makgatho Mandela's final illness.

The biggest killer in the USA for those diagnosed spuriously as 'HIV positive' (whatever that may mean) at present is from liver failure due entirely to the 'anti-retroviral' drugs taken. Yet of course Mr. Flegg would like us all to 'believe' that 'HIV' was the killer – when in fact it is the 'anti-retroviral' drugs themselves that are the killers - and ironically cause 'AIDS'. Mr. Flegg simply cannot confront this brute fact: he has to 'believe' in 'HIV' to save his skin.

Finally Mr. Flegg absurdly asserted:

"HIV infection itself is well documented as contributing to problems within the biliary tree which may require surgery."

This is absolute nonsense and pure science fiction. There is no evidence of active 'HIV' infection in anybody deemed to be 'HIV positive' for the hypothetical 'HIV antibodies'. This means that said 'antibodies' are restricting 'HIV' to latency. Ergo: 'HIV' cannot be 'doing' anything and therefore cannot be 'causing' anything.

The only thing standing between the people of South Africa and 'HIV' Pharmogenocide is their poverty: they simply cannot afford the 'antiretroviral' drugs - a blessing in disguise. Fortunately they cannot afford the lethal toxic drugs that contributed in killing Makgatho Mandela.

The irony is that the death of Makgatho Mandela can be directly ascribed to the 'antiretroviral' drugs that Nelson Mandella – for political reasons – is seeking to force Presdient Mbeki to procure and sanction for the people of South Africa. However, President Mbeki is quite rightly sceptical, cynical and critical about the efficiency and leglity of these 'AIDS' inducing drugs.

Nelson Mandela is inadvertantly initiating Iatrogenic 'AIDS'

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