Reply to Bennett: None of the predictions based upon the 'HIV/AIDS' hypothesis has been fulfilled 25 January 2005
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Alexander H Russell,

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Re: Reply to Bennett: None of the predictions based upon the 'HIV/AIDS' hypothesis has been fulfilled

Nicholas Bennett stated regarding the redundant 'HIV/AIDS' hypothesis:

"The main predictions of the HIV/AIDS theory are that: HIV serology should precede AIDS. HIV serology should predict HIV detection via other means (e.g. culture, PCR, antigen testing). Pharmacological intervention against the virus should inhibit the viral replication in vitro and in vivo, and result in restoration of the immune dysfunction seen in AIDS and pre-AIDS complex patients. HIV serology should, obviously, appear to be transmissible and associate with the individuals and risk groups associated with AIDS. All of these are true and have been discussed here before".

Contrary to Mr. Bennett's claim, none of the above is true. The hallmark of a sound hypothesis is that predictions based upon it will be fulfilled. This has never been the case with the 'HIV/AIDS' hypothesis. None of the predictions based upon the 'HIV/AIDS' hypothesis has been fulfilled. The predicted white heterosexual 'HIV/AIDS' epidemic in the West has never materialised proving conclusively that 'HIV' is not an STI or STD but an endogenous epiphenomenon.

'HIV' is merely an indicator/marker an 'effect' of cellular irregularities which may result in a disease state but not invariably so. So called 'HIV antibodies' are an 'effect' (and not a proven 'cause') in at least seventy medical conditions known long before 'AIDS' was invented to explain them. Some 30 old diseases have been cynically remarketed as 'AIDS' in order to justify the extortionate sums demanded by pharmaceutical companies for so-called 'antiretroviral' drugs which they themselves admit to not eradicate 'HIV': one cannot eradicate an endogenous entity wrongly classified as 'HIV'.

Mr. Bennett has still not proven 'HIV' to be a sexually transmissible exogenous retrovirus. In an experiment Dr. Roberto Giraldo has proven 'HIV' to be an endogenous entity: if you apply the 'HIV' test to undiluted blood then everyone tests 'HIV positive' proving 'HIV' to be an endogenous epiphenomenon - a marker - and not a cause - of certain disease conditions.

As Medical researcher Dr. Roberto Giraldo stated from: 'Everyone Reacts Positive on the ELISA Test for HIV':

Everybody has different levels of HIV infection.

It is also believed worldwide that a person that react positive for antibodies against HIV has not only been exposed to but is infected with a deadly virus that cause iiiimunodeficiency. Therefore, the positive reactions of all undiluted sera would mean that everybody, or at least all the blood samples that I have tested, including my own infected with this "deadly" virus. The ones that react positive at a ratio of 1:400 would simply have a higher level of "deadly" infection than the "deadly" infection had by the ones that react positive only with undiluted serum.

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