Re: Re: Oxidation - the primary cause for AIDS and "HIV" 25 January 2005
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PeterJ Flegg,
Blackpool, UK, FY3 8NR

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Re: Re: Re: Oxidation - the primary cause for AIDS and "HIV"

The problem with the Perth Group's oxidative stress theory is that it is logically inconsistent. Nicholas Bennett has neatly exposed at least one major flaw within it, namely that those with oxidative stress but without HIV do not get AIDS (or at least do not develop severe immunodeficiency which results in opportunistic infections).

As Karl Popper pointed out, the ability to falsify a theory should lead one to discard it in favour of an alternative theory that is better corroborated. Why the Perth Group persists in flying in the face of all modern scientific thought continues to escape me (well I actually do have a theory of my own for this one, but as it would be difficult to falsify, perhaps it not a truly scientific one...)

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