Clinical trials of antioxidants 21 January 2005
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Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos,
Department of Medical Physics, Royal Perth Hospital, Western Australia, 6001,
Valendar F Turner, John Papadimitriou, Barry Page, David Causer, Helman Alfonso, Sam Mhlongo, Todd Miller, Christian Fiala

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Re: Clinical trials of antioxidants

Clinical trials of antioxidants

In his Rapid Response 14th January 2005 Nicholas Bennett wrote: “One interesting idea is whether, in badly antioxidant deficient HIV+ people, [antioxidant] supplementation is as good as, additive to, or synergistic with HAART. Similarly to HAART, are the benefits less in those who aren't actually badly affected? These are questions that need answering”.

We are glad that at last Nicholas Bennett agrees with us that AIDS patients and those at risk must be treated with antioxidants. We have been asking for such trials for the past 20 years. And the sooner the better. We would like to draw attention that the outcome of such trials will depend on many factors including the antioxidants used, mode of administration and dose. The latter must be chemically determined and adjusted for each patient. It will naïve to expect to a good outcome if (a) the patients continue to be exposed to oxidising agents; (b) in the presence of malnutrition.

Since we have no access to AIDS patients we would be happy to assist in the design of such trials granted there are people willing and able to undertake these studies.

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