HIV-1 does not encode glutathione peroxidase. 11 January 2005
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Brian T Foley,
HIV Researcher
Los Alamos National Lab, Los Alamos, NM 87545

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Re: HIV-1 does not encode glutathione peroxidase.

HIV-1 does not encode a glutathione peroxidase.

I don't quite understand why the very same "dissidents" who claim that HIV might not exist, are willing to accept that HIV causes AIDS as long as it does so by a "controversial" mechanism.

The Medical Hypotheses paper cited by James Whitehead states in the abstract that HIV-1 encodes a glutathione peroxidase, and that production of this glutathione peroxidase results in a glutathione peroxidase deficiency.

First of all, HIV-1 does not encode a glutathione peroxidase. The paper trail in the Medical Hypotheses paper leads us back to a letter to the editor where Foster et al speculate that HIV-1 might possibly encode such an enzyme IF the ribosime slipped back on the env gene messenger RNA. That is a huge unproven IF. On top of this, the Foster letter to the editor only shows sequences of subtype B of HIV-1, and the sequences of subtype C of HIV-1 which are prevalent in Botswana do not contain this hypothetical open reading frame at all.

The paper trail for the statement that 99% of patients in Botswana treated with selenium are cured in 3 weeks is impossible to follow, because it leads directly to a private e-mail message. While the "summary" states that patient "usually" were cured in three weeks, the text of the Medical Hypotheses paper says that "some patients" returned to work in as little as three weeks.

The company [45] has reported to this author that the physicians involved are claiming a 99 percent reversal rate for AIDS, with some patients returning to work within three weeks.

[45] Gutauskas A. Personal e-mail communication; October 7, 2003.

Secondly, I donít quite understand the logic of claiming that production of glutathione peroxidase leads to a glutathione peroxidase deficiency. Perhaps this was simply a typographical error?

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