Reply to Nicholas Bennett: Haemophiliacs prove 'HIV' to be endogenous 5 January 2005
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Alexander H Russell,

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Re: Reply to Nicholas Bennett: Haemophiliacs prove 'HIV' to be endogenous

Mr. Bennett stated: "I would have an open mind to HIV being endogenous, were it not for the fact that it clearly isn't."

The case of haemophiliacs proves that Mr. Bennett is completely wrong here. It was initially supposed by Dr. Robert Gallo and others that haemophiliacs were infected with 'HIV' which had contaminated their clotting factor; indeed, this was one of the chief arguments used by Gallo to propound the theory that 'AIDS' was caused by a transmissible agent. However, by 1994 it was admitted by no less an authority than the CDC that the chances of 'HIV' having got into the clotting factor and survived cryoprecipitation were "essentially zero"*.

It is stated that the source plasma obtained by plasmapheresis and fresh frozen plasma from whole blood donation are best suited for the preparation of Factor VIII. The interval between collection and freezing of plasma is about six hours. The plasma is kept frozen for long periods of time, days to weeks, and is then thawed for processing. How could the hypothetical 'HIV' survive this? The clotting factor itself did the damage as it consisted of 99% impurities fibrinogen, alien proteins, cell debris, etc. all of which had to be assimilated by the recipients' liver.

Thus how did the haemophiliacs become infected with 'HIV'? Add to this the fact that no one has been able to explain how so much clotting factor should have been contaminated so rapidly as to infect some 80% of haemophiliacs taking commercially produced Factor VIII worldwide. Who were the mysterious paid 'donors' who were regularly selling plasma in commercially run plasmapheresis bucket shops? No one has ever found any explanation for this phenomenon.

Does Mr. Bennett suppose that homosexuals with 'HIV' were in the habit of selling their plasma in the USA? Where did all the 'HIV' come from? The fact is that both 'HIV' and in all probability, Hepatitis B virus are both endogenous and are expressed under certain disease conditions.

After all, neither 'HIV' nor Hepatitis B have ever been recovered from stored commercial clotting factors. Another coincidence: both 'HIV' and Hepatitis B replicate via reverse transcription a common cellular phenomenon. What we are calling an 'exogenous retrovirus' ('HIV') is in fact an endogenous epiphenomenon which may be interpreted as a marker for a tendency towards certain disease conditions, most of which are 'risk- group' specific. Any true exogenous virus would not have remained locked- up in specific risk groups in the West for 30 years. History has shown us clearly that what we have wrongly nominated as a sexually transmitted exogenous retrovirus ('HIV') is in fact an endogenous epiphenomenon.

It is ironical that the haemophiliacs who were first cited to prove the existence of 'HIV' as an exogenous transmissible agent a decade later should prove conclusively that 'HIV' is an endogenous entity.

*Reference: "Since the HIV concentrations used in laboratory studies are much higher than those actually found in blood or other body specimens, drying of HIV-infected human blood or other body fluids reduces the theoretical risk of environmental transmission to that which has been observed-essentially zero." - CDC Fact sheet on HIV transmission, January, 1994.

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