Re: Re: Re: Response to Gregory Benvenuti 12 December 2004
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Re: Re: Re: Re: Response to Gregory Benvenuti

Dear Peter J Flegg,

In reply to your last post I am pleased to see we agree on somethings. You touched on some of mine/your/our shared views . I also agree with what Nicholas refered to earlier as regards water supply.

However I think that by addressing poverty,dirty water,overcrowding,poor sanititation,malnutrition,protein micronutrient defiencies ect you will reduce the incidence of TB, wasting and other diseases thus reducing the need for TB medication,hiv medication and medicines for other diseases.

what ever that is ,large scale clinnical trials are needed where these problems are addressed and antioxidant/micronutrient/protein requirements are met/employed.

These problems have to be addressed to improve the average life span/quality of life for those living within the povert stricken worst effected areas negative and positive.

But that I think positive people are more vulnerable to the effects of these factors. There for these matters have to be addressed in those who need the drugs and those who dont.Doing so might reduce side effect,increase survival time ,infections and reduce and delay the need for antiretrovirals how much by remains to be seen and can only be answered by large scale human clinnical trials .

The point about tryptophan is interesting ( Hiv is said to interact with tryptophn,selenium,GSH ect) as was your post regarding atrophy and regrowth of thymus.If you have any more stuff on this I am interested, I discussed this with a bright young "apologists" silly terms I know some years ago.

On lung diseases PCP ,TB,Lung cancer, wasting , KS ect I still am very firmly of the opinion that Pro GSH agents are long over due for large scale human trials with and without combo perhaps try using combinations. Thanks to the editors for allowing and keeping this mostly a civilized debate.

Anyway no references this time I could provide lots but wanted to keep it short working on improving my own life and the editors put up with me quite alot already. :-)

Merry Christmass to all "sides".I hope you all have a great Christmass.

Best Wishes

James J Whitehead

Competing interests: member and ClinnicalTrials volunteer