Reply to Flegg: the Unanswered Question of 'HIV' isolation is not a "mental block" 1 December 2004
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Alexander H Russell,

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Re: Reply to Flegg: the Unanswered Question of 'HIV' isolation is not a "mental block"

Mr. Peter J Flegg stated: "The facts are that dissidents simply refuse to accept that what they see is HIV, and quibble about the degree of contamination, or insist that they will only accept images obtained from blood but not other bodily fluids or tissue samples or culture specimens."

We "refuse to accept" because these arbitrary images have not proven to be indisputably isolated 'HIV'. They have never found 'HIV' in blood, semen or any bodily fluids: the only images ever shown purporting to be 'HIV' were derived from laboratory cultures and as such should be highly suspect as mere laboratory artefacts.

Mr. Peter J Flegg disturbingly and unthinkingly concludes: "Until the Perth Group and others like Alexander Russell move past their mental block of isolation the dissidents will continue to think of HIV as pixie dust. I just wish the 40 million people currently living with HIV could be afforded the same luxury."

The unanswered question of "isolation" is not a "mental block" but an extremely important fact in which the whole of the 'HIV' hypothesis is based. How can a global pandemic be attributed to a pathogen which has never been isolated? How can any treatment devised against this pixie dust phantom be anything other than misguided and therefore totally dangerous? Thus true "isolation" of 'HIV' is the only proof we have that 'HIV' exists. So far this has not been achieved. So why are we still using the acronym 'HIV'?

There is every probability that far from being antibodies against exogenous retroviral proteins, the gp41 antibody is an auto-immune antibody against the endogenous cellular protein actin (which forms the cytoskeleton of cells); and similarly, the p24 antibody is an auto-immune antibody against the endogenous protein myosin. These two auto-immune antibodies would thus be extremely damaging to cells and set up an illness very similar to Lupus Erythematosus. This is a far more plausible explanation for cell destruction rather than the myriad, unconvincing hypotheses concerning 'HIV' cyto-toxicity. 'AIDS' is largely an auto- immune disease. Therefore, an 'HIV' vaccine could actually make matters far worse.

These alleged 40 million people can be "afforded the same luxury" if they also think of 'HIV' as "pixie dust". No one is "living with HIV". Rather: 40 million people are living with the fairy tale illusion of "pixie dust". But has "pixie dust" been truely isolated?

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