Re: Request for Peter Flegg 10 November 2004
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PeterJ Flegg,
Blackpool, UK FY3 8NR

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Re: Re: Request for Peter Flegg

Mr Russell’s questions have been addressed so many times before over the last 18 months or so I have lost count. He just doesn’t accept the answers he receives.

I apologise to him for backing up my rapid responses with references to hard science (the sort of evidence that Russell calls “meaningless papers published in prestigious journals”) – I don’t know a better way of demonstrating the validity of my statements. Mr Russell only believes what he wants to believe anyway, or what he reads in HIV-denialist web sites, and nothing anyone can say will convince him otherwise.

I have no plans to react to Mr Russell’s persistent and increasingly histrionic attempts at disinformation. Someone else can feed the trolls.

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