Request for Peter Flegg 10 November 2004
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Alexander H Russell,

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Re: Request for Peter Flegg

Physician Peter J Flegg stated:

"The Perth Group has often asked questions in this debate of those who believe in the orthodox view that HIV exists. I try to answer queries whenever these concern a specific claim made by myself (but am not in the habit of trying to answer general questions that have been debated and explained ad nauseam by others)".

Mr. Peter Flegg does indeed try to answer our questions but never can and always obfuscates by making reference to dozens of dreary papers which are all based on the mistaken premise that 'HIV' exists. BMJ Rapid Response Readers must be pondering why Mr. Flegg has still not answered my basic questions proving that 'HIV' exists and causes 'AIDS'.

Mr. Flegg has still not been able to answer my following questions:

1) Where is the proof that 'HIV' is actually - rather than supposedly - sexually transmitted? Recent reports from the UK and the USA show huge increases in STD's but show no increases in 'HIV' infections. Where is the evidence that 'HIV' is an STD?

2) What is the precise mechanism of the supposed sexual transmission of a virus that has never been recovered from a fresh semen or blood sample?

3) Why does HIV apparently discriminate against Western, non-drug using heterosexuals? Why is there still no heterosexual 'HIV' epidemic in the West?

4) What is the specific, definitive scientific paper that clearly demonstrates that 'HIV' causes 'AIDS'?

A Physician such as Mr. Flegg should be able to give his patients straight answers to these questions rather than pointing to meaningless papers published in prestigious journals giving the illusion of 'authority'.

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