Request for the Perth Group 9 November 2004
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Peter J Flegg,
Blackpool, UK, FY3 8NR

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Re: Request for the Perth Group

The Perth Group has often asked questions in this debate of those who believe in the orthodox view that HIV exists. I try to answer queries whenever these concern a specific claim made by myself (but am not in the habit of trying to answer general questions that have been debated and explained ad nauseam by others).

However I would be grateful to the Perth Group for an explanation about one of their very specific statements. This concerned the 10 references cited to support their claim that human CD4 lymphocytes decline to less than 50/mm-3 in the absence of HIV infection (Sept 17th). Others and myself have pointed out that not one of the 10 papers cited supported this claim.

Will the Perth Group explain their reasons for citing each of the 10 papers? (in the absence of an adequate explanation we may infer that the references were incorrectly quoted).

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