Re: PCP and "HIV" 6 November 2004
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Tony Floyd,
Medical Student
Newcastle University,
Louis Feinberg, Joseph Wardell, Moses Horwitz and Jennifer Hawkins

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Re: Re: PCP and "HIV"

The 'Perth Group' stated that:

>Anti-lymphocyte antibodies[4] and ESR[5-8] are equally as good predictors of AIDS, and thus PCP, as is a positive "HIV" antibody test.

The references that you provided do not say that anti-lymphocyte antibodies and an ESR are as good as a positive HIV antibody test in predicting AIDS in any randomly selected group of AIDS patients. Please give us a major randomised, blind study and a few confirmatory studies as evidence.

Please also provide a response to some of the many questions you have evaded:

From October 19th:

Has pneumocystis ever been isolated according to the fictitious 'rules' that you have insisted that HIV be isolated by?

from August 22nd:

> Once Valerie Beral and her colleagues concluded that HIV plays no role in the development of KS

She did not conclude this and there is no evidence that she ever has in any of her work. You should provide proof or admit that you confabulated this.

from September 16th:

Why did you quote Jay Levy as stating that "it cannot be HIV" when all of his published work ( indicates the complete opposite?

from September 17th and September 29th:

> A person can get CD4 counts of less than 50 per microliter and immune suppression by repeated exposure to: drugs,1 2 semen, 3-6 ...

With reference number 5 given as:

5. Dostal J, Veselsky L, Drahorad J, Jonakova V. Immunosuppressive effect induced by intraperitoneal and rectal administration of boar seminal immunosuppressive factor. Biol Reprod 1995;52:1209-14.

YET again the question is:

... on what line number and on what page do you find evidence for the statement regarding human CD4 counts?


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