Mr. Bennett's Covert Call for Censorship on 'HIV/AIDS' at BMJ's Rapid Responses 1 November 2004
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Alexander H Russell,

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Re: Mr. Bennett's Covert Call for Censorship on 'HIV/AIDS' at BMJ's Rapid Responses

Mr. Bennett’s abject fear of dissenting debate on 'HIV/AIDS' at BMJ's Rapid Responses is covertly displayed here:

"I instinctively abhor censorship, but at the same time I believe that as a medical publication carrying significant influence, allowing the spread of potentially dangerous health misinformation is contrary to the BMJ's philosophy. There are considerable resources elsewhere for the debate to continue, as it did long before spilling over into the BMJ RR's, and I suggest that the discussion be closed forthwith…I add that this kind of drastic action should be seen as an exception, not the rule. I firmly believe that the Rapid responses have on the whole been positive, but this particular 20 month old discussion has outlived its usefullness."

Why does Mr. Bennett really want "the discussion" on 'HIV/AIDS' to "be closed forthwith"? I would argue it is because he cannot answer any of my questions or those of the Perth Group.

Mr. Bennett's departing statement says it all: he simply cannot answer dissenters questions with straight forward answers and sounds much more like a smug and patronising politician looking down on dissenters. This particular 20 month old discussion has not "outlived its usefulness" because Mr. Bennett, Mr. Noble and Mr. Flegg have failed to answer my basic question and none of them have provided BMJ Rapid Response readers with visual (electronmicrograph) evidence to prove that 'HIV' exists. Maybe before Mr. Bennett takes his leave of us he may try and answer my 'AIDS' quiz:

1. Show that 'HIV' is a necessary and sufficient cause of 'AIDS'.

2. Show via visual confirmation (electronmicroscopy) that 'HIV' particles have been isolated from fresh semen and blood samples.

3. Scientific evidence supported by references that 'HIV’ is actually - rather than supposedly - sexually transmitted.

4. Prove that the 'HIV' testing procedures are valid by the use of an independent gold standard and specific to 'HIV'.

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