Re: HHV-8 and KS 26 October 2004
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James J whitehead,
researching treating myself
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James J Whitehead

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Re: Re: HHV-8 and KS

Dear Eleni and the Perth group,

I am pleased to inform you that my combo caused/ activated Kaposi Sarcoma legions have undergone very significant regression with treatment based on your theory mixed in with a few ideas ( which also work on your theory) from some other researches from Oxford uni working on other forms of skin cancers where oxidative stress is pivatol.

I cheated a little , I topicaly applied various pro GSH agents and that seemed to speed things up alot.

Intersestley this regression has took place in the background of falling CD4's ( from 140 to -50) and a viral load of 200,000 Plus.

I for one know for a fact that regards Kaposi Sarcoma and many other issues your dead right.

Hopefully one day we might get some clinnical trials. I have taken some before and after pics ( couldnt get any doctors or oncologists or "aids-information providors" to help they where not interested ) I will send you the pics through the posts, or maybe I dont have to because I guese you knew all this wasted time that you where right. Science and medicine is very very slow sometimes.

Best Wishes

James Whitehead

Long Term survivor acute oxidative stress and low GSH. Clinnical trials volunteer, memeber and

Competing interests: member clinnical trails volunteer.