Aids paradigm timeline 25 October 2004
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James I Madigan,
student, MS nutrition
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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Re: Aids paradigm timeline

One of the things that seems to be missing from our resources (or is it? I havenít seen it) is a fairly *concise* history of the HIV=Aids paradigm, citing the key evidence (usually a scientific paper). For example my vague idea about Hoís work is that he supposedly discovered that the lymph nodes are teeming with billions of HIV virions in Aids patients. But I donít recall how he discovered this, ie the basic techniques used eg was it using PCR as the ďviral loadĒ test? Then of course there is the original decision that HIV was "the one", and the advent of the various drugs and the rationale for their effectiveness.

What Iím talking about is a time-line of the history of Aids with reference to the key papers (or other evidence/bases for the belief) Ė a comprehensive list of papers would of course be impractical since there are literally 10ís of 1000ís of them.

- James Madigan

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