Re: Re: Re: "HIV", Factor VIII and CD4s 20 October 2004
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Tony Floyd,
Medical Student
Newcastle University,
Louis Feinberg, Joseph Wardell, Moses Horwitz and Jennifer Hawkins

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Re: Re: Re: Re: "HIV", Factor VIII and CD4s

A recent question was:

> What is the specific, definitive scientific paper that clearly demonstrates that HIV causes AIDS?

I doubt many cause-effect relationships have been succinctly encapsulated by ONE 'specific' or 'definitive' paper. Of several I found that summed up much of the evidence I think one published in Genetica did it best (1).

Their conclusion was:

"Taken together, clinical and academic studies clearly demonstrate that HIV is the causative agent of AIDS."

Until those that would like to convince us otherwise can come up with a consistent, cogent argument that doesn't rely on imaginative and at times fatuous reinterpretation of scientific papers, I'll stick with Pascale Galea's conclusion above.



(1) Galea P, Chermann JC. HIV as the cause of AIDS and associated diseases. Genetica. 1998;104(2):133-42.

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