Re: Re: "HIV", Factor VIII and CD4s 19 October 2004
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Alexander H Russell,

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Re: Re: Re: "HIV", Factor VIII and CD4s

Physician Peter J Flegg asserted:

"The facts are that the immunodeficiency provoked by HIV infection is prolonged and profound."

What and where are these so-called facts? So-called 'HIV infection' is merely a metaphor and marker for risk behaviour: Mr. Flegg (like Mr. Bennett and Mr. Noble) has tragically mistaken an 'effect' of something to be a 'cause' of something. Saying that 'HIV' causes 'AIDS' is absurd as saying that the measles is caused by the spots.

To date there is still no paper proving that 'HIV' causes immunodeficiency. Can Mr. Flegg provide a paper proving that 'HIV' causes 'AIDS'? Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel Prize in Science for inventing Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) was asked what convinced him that 'HIV' was not the cause of 'AIDS', and Mullis replied: "The fact that there's no evidence for it." Mullis also asked Prof. Luc Montagnier what was the reference which shows how 'HIV' causes 'AIDS' and Montagnier said he could not name a reference.

Regarding haemophiliacs and 'HIV': there is no evidence that haemophiliacs have been 'infected' by 'HIV' through contaminated clotting concentrates. Has Mr. Flegg ever seen a vial of Factor VIII? It comes as a dry, flaky, yellowish powder. How does 'HIV' get into the clotting factor and how could 'HIV' survive the cryoprecipitation used in its preparation? 'HIV' could not possibly survive in these refrigerated freeze-dried powders. It is impossibile for haemophiliacs to acquire 'HIV' from Factor VIII infusions.

Indeed, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) themselves admitted as long ago as 1996 that had there been any putative 'HIV' in the clotting factor it would have been rendered totally harmless ('non-infectious') by the process of freeze-drying used in the manufature of the said clotting factor.'HIV' has never been recovered from reconstituted Factor III, even from old stored batches.

Can Mr. Flegg provide me with visual evidence (i.e. a published electronmicrograph) of massed, densely packed purified 'HIV' particles - (isolated from all other contaminants) - found in a fresh blood sample? And I will not accept the paper: Cell membrane vesicles are a major contaminant of gradient-enriched human immunodeficiency virus type-1 preparations by Gluschankof P, Mondor I, Gelderblom HR, Sattentau QJ. (Virology, 230:125- 133, 1997) as these electronmicrograph show principally cellular microvescicles and not isolated/purified 'HIV'.

Mr. Flegg (like Mr. Bennett and Mr. Noble) has still not been able to answer my following questions:

1) Where is the proof that 'HIV' is actually - rather than supposedly - sexually transmitted? Recent reports from the UK and the USA show huge increases in STD's but show no increases in 'HIV' infections. Where is the evidence that 'HIV' is an STD?

2) What is the precise mechanism of the supposed sexual transmission of a virus that has never been recovered from a fresh semen or blood sample.

3) Why does HIV apparently discriminate against Western, non-drug using heterosexuals?

4) What is the specific, definitive scientific paper that clearly demonstrates that HIV causes AIDS?

Surely a Physician should be able to give his patients straight answers to these questions?

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