Re: Re: Questions for Peter Flegg 28 September 2004
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Alexander H Russell,

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Re: Re: Re: Questions for Peter Flegg

In replying to my 'Questions for Peter Flegg' Mr. Nicholas Bennett has yet again failed to grasp the true situation regarding the unproven supposition that 'HIV' is sexually transmitted:

"…a large proportion of the heterosexual HIV cases in the UK are in newly arrived immigrants or from sexual contact overseas. I fail to see though how this detracts from the premise that HIV is sexually transmitted: by its very nature, sexual contact is selective in the populations to which it would spread."

Immigrants test so-called 'HIV positive' because they come from areas where TB and malaria are highly present and both diseases are very well known to make the non-specific 'HIV' test run 'positive'. Has any one found actual 'HIV' in their blood stream - and I do not just mean surrogate markers?

It is acknowledged by even the most fervent supporters of the 'HIV' hypothesis that many of the so-called 'positive' people in Africa, India and other Third World countries - where malaria and TB are endemic - will test 'positive': these are 'false positives'. (I would go further still and argue that all 'HIV positives' are 'false positives'). These so- called 'false positives’ are invariably included in the wild 'guestimate' numbers merely to keep up the fictitious 'HIV epidemic' figures, as well as acquire funding and further exploit the cynical selling of highly toxic and lethal 'retroviral drugs'.

What studies have ever been carried out to recover 'HIV' particles from the blood of these people in the Third World? The answer is none: because they know dammed well they would not find any 'HIV' in their blood and that is why they always settle for ambiguous 'surrogate markers' – that is - 'virtual virology'. To date: 'HIV' have never been proven to be an 'STD'.

Mr. Bennett concluded: "ATL was first diagnosed in 1977. HTLV-1 was not discovered until 1980. AIDS was described in 1981, HIV was not discovered until 1983. The disease pre-dated the discovery of the causative agent in each case…"

Historically this is blatantly untrue: all the disparate diseases that make up the 'AID' syndrome were known prior to Howard Temin et al discovering reverse transcription in 1969/70 and the beginning of 'retrovirology' with the subsequent invention of 'HIV' in 1983. Yet 'HIV' has never been shown to cause any specific illness; it is alleged to be involved in the destruction of T-4 Cells but has never been shown to do so. Just one of the many unwarranted suppositions about ‘HIV’ which have never been proven scientifically. People want to believe that 'HIV' causes 'AIDS' but no one will do the most simple basic studies to prove it - because if they did the whole hyped up 'HIV' hypothesis would unravel.

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