Questions for Christopher Noble & Nicholas Bennett 12 September 2004
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Alexander H Russell,

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Re: Questions for Christopher Noble & Nicholas Bennett

Christopher Noble stated: "Both Nicholas Bennett and I and provided a number of papers that provide extremely strong evidence for the causal role of HHV-8 in Kaposi's sarcoma".

The vast majority of the original 'AIDS' cases in the early 1980s in the United States were homosexual popper users with KS. Why does a ubiquitous virus 'HHV-8' only seem to cause KS in homosexuals who use poppers?

If Christopher Noble and Nicholas Bennett want us or anyone to believe that 'HIV' causes 'AIDS' could they please give us one main experimental study and a few confirmatory studies that prove this.

These studies must:

1. Show that 'HIV' is a necessary and sufficient cause of 'AIDS'.

2. Show via visual confirmation (electronmicroscopy) that 'HIV' particles have been isolated from fresh semen and blood samples.

3. Scientific evidence supported by references that 'HIVí is actually - rather than supposedly - sexually transmitted.

4. Prove that the 'HIV' testing procedures are valid by the use of an independent gold standard and specific to 'HIV'.

No 'HIV' test has ever been validated against the one necessary scientific 'gold standard' - virus isolation. This reality is recognised by the manufacturers of such tests who typically warn: "At present there is no recognised standard for establishing the presence or absence of antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2 in human blood." (Axsym System, Abbott Laboratories.)

If you cannot answer one or all of these questions then your hypothesis that 'HIV' exists and causes 'AIDS' falls. Noble and Bennett must at some time face the reality that the rest of the world will not dedicate themselves to teaching them basic science. They also have to provide evidence for their own claims.

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