Re: Requests to Christopher Noble and Nicholas Bennett 10 September 2004
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Christopher J Noble,

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Re: Re: Requests to Christopher Noble and Nicholas Bennett

The Perth Group ask us to prove to them that HHV-8 and HPV cause cancer.

Both Nicholas Bennett and I and provided a number of papers that provide extremely strong evidence for the causal role of HHV-8 in Kaposi's Sarcoma. I am not going to continue to play the "prove it to me", "that's not proof" game with people that continually interpret papers in a manner contrary to the understanding and intention of the authors and invent ad hoc excuses for dismissing papers that do not support their ideas. They have never admitted that they were wrong in their claim that the genomes of RNA viruses vary by less than 1%.

If the Perth Group want us or anyone to believe that semen and poppers cause KS could they please give us one main experimental study and a few confirmatory studies that prove this.

These studies must

  1. show that semen is a necessary and sufficient cause of KS
  2. show that poppers are a necessary and sufficient cause of KS
  3. have adequate controls ie. all viruses must be removed from semen.
  4. be performed blind
  5. and other criteria that I will provide after you have given us the studies

The Perth Group must at some time face the reality that the rest of the world will not dedicate themselves to teaching them basic science. They also have to provide evidence for their own claims.

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