Re: "HIV" "is not sufficient nor necessary" for KS 8 September 2004
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Christopher J Noble,

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Re: Re: "HIV" "is not sufficient nor necessary" for KS

The Perth Group argue: If "HIV" is BOTH, neither "sufficient nor necessary", how is it possible for anybody including Nicholas Bennett to attribute a role, any role, to "HIV" in the causation of KS?

It is rare to see such blatant examples of illogic and confused thinking.

  1. Cigarette smoking is neither a sufficient nor a necessary cause of lung cancer. Non-smokers get lung cancer and many heavy smokers never get lung cancer.
  2. Driving an automobile while under the influence of alcohol is neither a necessary nor a sufficient cause of accidents. Sober people have accidents and many people survive drinking while drunk.
  3. etc ...

How is it possible to attribute a role, any role, of cigarette smoking in the causation of lung cancer? How is it possible to attribute a role, any role, of drink driving in the causation of traffic accidents?

The answer is quite simple - for people other than the Perth Group.

Cigarette smoking dramatically increases the risk for lung-cancer. Drink driving increases the risk of car accidents. Infection with HIV dramatically increases the risk of PCP, KS and many other opportunistic infections.

The increased risk of PCP with HIV infection is so high that if somebody is diagnosed with PCP then we can predict with a high degree of certainty that that person is infected with HIV and is immune suppressed. Hence PCP can be used as an AIDS indicator disease. Nobody is saying that HIV infection is a necessary or sufficient cause of any of the AIDS indicator opportunistic infections or malignancies.

The Perth Group continue to display their willingness to believe what they want to believe despite the available evidence.

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