Re: Re: Christopher J Noble and The Perth Group 6 September 2004
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Alexander H Russell,

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Re: Re: Re: Christopher J Noble and The Perth Group

Christopher Noble stated regarding my critique of 'HIV':

"If he expects the rest of the world to stop the work they are doing, stop research into HIV, stop testing for HIV, stop prescribing antiretrovirals, and devote their time to an attempt to change the opinions of a handful of people that choose to deny the existence of HIV then he is sadly mistaken."

The whole point of my argument is that no one is really doing 'research into HIV' and no one is 'testing for HIV' and there are no such drugs as 'antiretrovirals'. All 'the work' that 'the rest of the world' are doing is meaningless and madness because 'HIV' does not exist: they are studying an epiphenomenon: a ghost.

Dr. Noble naively stated: "The brute reality, as Alexander Russell has put it, is that the Perth Group have failed to convince the scientific community that their hypotheses have any merit."

The 'scientific community' is profoundly conservative and always represents consensus science. Consensus science is bad science: the only advances is scientific thought have been by those who thought above, around and beyond the prevailing scientific wisdom. The people who hold back science seem to share Dr. Noble's view is that if enough people say something that makes it true. Dr. Noble's 'simple science' thesis is: "It must be true because everybody says so".

As geneticist C.H. Waddington observed: "The most formidable barrier to the advancement of science is the conventional wisdom of the dominant group."

I ask Dr. Noble to argue his case through the normal pathway of peer- reviewed journals like Science, Nature and The Lancet and prove that 'HIV' exists via visual evidence of densely packed 'HIV' viral particles: to date this has never been achieved. Why not?

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