Christopher J Noble and The Perth Group 2 September 2004
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Alexander H Russell,

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Re: Christopher J Noble and The Perth Group

Christopher J Noble stated regarding the Perth Groupís critique of the 'HIV/AIDS' hypothesis: "Once again the Perth Group paint a pretty little picture in which the rest of the world has to try to convince them that HIV exists and causes AIDS."

The vast majority of the 'rest of the world' used to believe that the world was flat.

So let the rest of the world try and convince the Perth Group that 'HIV' exists and causes 'AIDS'. The brute reality is that the rest of the world cannot prove that 'HIV' exists and causes 'AIDS' - including Noble despite his endless and worthless references. Noble must be one of the last people left in the world that still believes that 'HIV' exists and causes 'AIDS'.

Noble concluded: "The Perth Group would be better advised to attempt to find solid evidence that supports their own theories. In this respect they have totally failed."

Dr. Noble would be better advised to attempt to find solid evidence that supports his claim that 'HIV' exists and causes 'AIDS'. BMJ readers will have noted by now that Noble has repeatedly failed to provide visual electronmicroscope evidence for the existence of densely packed 'HIV' viral particles. In this respect he has totally failed. All Dr. Noble can do is to make references to images of cellular-debris and microvesicles misinterpreted as 'HIV'.

Dr. Noble has still not answered my question concerning the fact 'HIV' is considered to be a 'lentivirus' in the West but a rapid virus in Africa? Is 'HIV' a lentivirusí or isnít it? If 'HIV' is a 'lentivirus' why is it the only one considered to be sexually transmitted?

Dr. Noble has not offered BMJ readers or myself any evidence that 'HIV' is sexually transmitted Ė it is merely assumed to be without any scientific evidence to support it. All that is spreading is the abuse of the non-specific and non-standardised 'HIV' test.

One final question I would like Dr. Noble to answer: if 'HIV' is meant to be this sexually transmitted retrovirus where is the white heterosexual 'HIV' epidemic in the West? Why is 'HIV' so prejudiced against white heterosexuals?

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