Re: Reply to Noble: 'HIV' plays no role in KS 31 August 2004
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Christopher J Noble,

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Re: Re: Reply to Noble: 'HIV' plays no role in KS

Alexander Russell wrote: And even 'HIV' Fundamentalist, Dr. Robert Gallo, stated that 'HIV' plays no role in KS

The enigmas of Kaposi's sarcoma. Science. 1998 Dec 4;282 (5395):1837-9

"What is the role of HIV-1 in KS? Generally, it is assumed that HIV-1 infection simply promotes HHV-8 replication indirectly by impairing the immunity of the host. We postulate a more specific role: ..."

To find HHV-8 in cases of KS is hardly surprising as it appears to be ubiquitous

In my last reply I suggested that you take some time to read some of the available literature on the subject. I can see that you have not done so. The seroprevalence in the general population is very low. HHV-8 is not ubiquitous. Multicenter comparison of serologic assays and estimation of human herpesvirus 8 seroprevalence among US blood donors.

Your views appear to come from an exclusive diet of "dissident" web-sites. These web-sites do not present a balanced review of the available literature (nowhere on the Perth Group website is HHV-8 even mentioned). If you rely only on these sources you will have a severely incomplete knowledge base and cannot hope to come to an informed opinion.

Please educate yourself and stop spreading your recycled ignorance.

Here is a good review article to start with Human Herpesvirus-8, Kaposi Sarcoma, and AIDS-Associated Neoplasms

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