Re: Kaposi's Sarcoma and the Perth Group 11 August 2004
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Alexander H Russell,

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Re: Re: Kaposi's Sarcoma and the Perth Group

Regarding ‘HIV’ and Kaposi's Sarcoma the Perth Group rightly wrote:

"At present it is generally accepted that HIV plays no role, either directly or indirectly, in the causation of KS."

Mr Noble, in his usual dismissive sarcastic tone stated:

"Hello, anyone there? Have you read the literature lately? Just try a search at pubmed with the terms "HIV tat KS". I don't know where the Perth Group get their ideas about what is generally accepted."

What is generally accepted is not necessarily true. The fact that something is universally accepted does not necessarily make it true. People will believe what the 'experts' tell them even after the 'experts' have been deunked.

Why does Dr. Noble believe that ‘HIV’ or HHV-6 causes KS – but seemingly only in a sub-set of homosexuals who snort nitrites (poppers)? If Dr. Noble believes that HHV-6 causes KS how come it is restricted to this same sub-set of men? Why is KS never found in heterosexuals in India or the Far East? There are those who suppose that HHV-6 is a universal virus – if that is the case – why does it only seem to cause KS in gay men who take nitrites? At present KS seems to be solely restricted to gay men who snort nitrites (poppers). And remember: of the original early 1980s ‘AIDS’ cases diagnosed with KS, 100% used nitrites (poppers). Where are all the sex workers in Thailand with KS?

Tom Bethell wrote on the connection between nitrite (poppers) abusing gay men and KS in Spin Magazine, 'AIDS: Words from the Front' (November 1994):

"Analyzing the data from three early CDC studies, Haverkos and other researchers found that out of 87 patients with KS, PCP, or both, all but three admitted to using poppers. But the governments officials did not seem interested in a toxicological cause of AIDS. Curran thought there might be a "bad batch" of contaminated poppers out there - the "brown acid" of nitrites. Another KSOI member, Harold Jaffe, insisted, "If the puzzle was that simple, somebody would have solved it by now."

Surrounded by stacks of medical journals in his cramped office, Haverkos gives four main reasons why he links KS with nitrite use. First, there is the statistical connection: Repeated use of poppers and incidence of KS have been confined to gay men. "About 96 percent of Kaposi's cases occur in gay men, who make up 65 percent of all AIDS cases," he says. Twice as many whites as blacks use poppers - and twice as many get KS. After warnings about nitrites spread through the gay community in the mid- '80s, both the use of poppers and the incidence of KS declined.

Second, there is the lack of a firm HIV connection to KS. No cases of KS have been reported among blood-transfusion recipients where the blood donor him-self later developed the cancer. This suggests that HIV alone is not sufficient to cause the disease, and that whatever does cause KS is not readily transmitted through blood. In addition, a number of HIV-free cases of KS have been reported by two doctors, Alvin Friedman-Kien in New York and Marcus Conant in San Francisco.

Conant, clinical professor of dermatology at the University of California, San Francisco, told the San Francisco Chronicle in 1993 that he had found six non-HIV cases of KS in the Bay area, that "dozens more" have been found elsewhere in the country, and that the evidence is "overwhelming that [KS] is not caused by HIV." Conant rejects the nitrite theory as well, although he admits he has made "no formal study" on the use of the drug by his KS patients.

The third reason Haverkos suspects a nitrite connection to KS is that the disease is caused by an abnormal growth of blood vessels, and nitrite act on blood vessels. Dr. Sidney Mirvish of the University of Nebraska Medical Center has found that isobutyl nitrite vapor causes cell mutation and that inhaled vapor is 11 times more dangerous than nitrite in its liquid form.

"The primary action of nitrites is cell intoxication," says Dr. Peter Duesberg, a molecular biologist at the University of California, Berkeley. "They reach into the bone marrow and interfere with the creation of new blood cells, including T-cells. They kill enzymes, and they mutate DNA." Duesberg believes nitrite use alone is sufficient to explain most of the early AIDS cases, where immune suppression and a rare cancer were found.

Finally, Haverkos says, "The KS lesions are most common in the face, nose, and chest. If you're inhaling vapors, that is where you will have the highest concentrations." Put those points together, he says, and "you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that there is some logic to the hypothesis."….”

Does Dr. Noble acknowledge the %100 correlation between nitrite abuse and KS in gay men? To suggest that an ubiquitous herpes virus should only cause KS in a small sub-set of homosexuals is as ludicrous as suggesting that the measles virus could only cause measles in a small sub- set of gay men who snort poppers! Can Dr. Noble explain why there is not a single recorded case of KS being transmitted via a blood transfusion? If the diesease is caused by a human herpes virus surely this would have been the case by now?

Where are all these heterosexual KS in the West? Have the Ashkenazy Jews got HHV-6?

Remember: KS was previously a rare neoplasm affecting elderly male Ashkenazy Jews. Dr. Gallo stated that there are many different forms of KS. If Dr. Noble had studied the first patients to be examined by Kaposi they were not all elderly Jews but there were several young men and a girl of twelve.

Dr. Noble has still not answered my question concerning the fact ‘HIV’ is considered to be a ‘lentivirus’ in the West but a rapid virus in Africa? Is ‘HIV’ a lentivirus’ or isn’t it? If ‘HIV’ is a ‘lentivirus’ why is it the only one considered to be sexually transmitted?

Also Dr. Noble has not offered me any evidence that ‘HIV’ is sexually transmitted – it is merely assumed to be without any scientific evidence to support it. The hypothetical ‘HIV’ is not spreading – merely the non- specific ‘HIV’ test.

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