Re: Answers to Pennee Atkinson 11 August 2004
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Pennee Atkinson,

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Re: Re: Answers to Pennee Atkinson

In the paper that Nicolas Bennett sited regarding using HAART as a treatment for KS the researchers state the following conlusion:

“HHV8 immune responses are absent prior to HAART and are restored after anti-HIV therapy [2].”

To which Nicolas Bennett added, “Yes, targetting HIV allows the immune system to recover and take on the HHV8.”

I would like to say I find these to be an amazing statement. They are saying that the antiviral drugs that are given to patients who are HIV+ and have HHV8 effectively kills the HIV yet has no effect whatsoever on HHV8.

Yet for patients who are not HIV+ antiviral drugs are given to treat HHV8. Amazing that they are only effecting against HHV8 in the ABSENCE of HIV! (1)

Antiviral therapy given to HIV+ persons is never credited for helping rid the body of any other virus, microbe, fungus, or otherwise unwanted passenger. Any improvement after antiviral therapy is always and without fail attributed to the suppression of HIV. I have never heard any AIDS researcher say that a patient who is HIV+ and has, for example, Epstein Barr virus and exhibits an improvement after antiviral therapy is well because the level of Epstein Barr virus has lowered or has been eradicatedfrom the body.

Even the study that you site contains no mention whatsoever that HAART would have any direct effect on HHV8. Of course, if the researchers did admit that one or more of the numerous HAART drugs could be the cause of the suppression of HHV8 in their patients they might have to throw their paper into the trash.

Which is right where I believe it belongs.

1. Antiviral agents active against human herpesviruses HHV-6, HHV-7 and HHV-8. De Clercq E, Naesens L, De Bolle L, Schols D, Zhang Y, Neyts J.

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