Re: Where are the proper controls in "HIV" research? 28 July 2004
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Christopher J Noble,

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Re: Re: Where are the proper controls in "HIV" research?

The Perth Group previously wrote:

There is a very simple reason for this, the control cultures are not stimulated. In fact, one of the many problems in "HIV" research is the lack of controls. In addition, the experiments are not blind.

In a bizarre display of Denialist literature reading the Perth Group then cited this paper: Science. 1986 Feb 21;231(4740):850-3. Where for instance table 3 shows an uninfected T-cell control culture that shows no RT activity before and after PHA activation.

The text accompanying table 5 states: Uninfected HUT-78 and JM cells do not express any RT activity in the culture supernatant before or after stimulation with PHA

The repeated Denialist claim that control cultures are not stimulated is false. HUT-78 does not produce HIV "phenomena" with or without PHA stimulation unless it is infected with HIV. The fact that the Perth Group themselves cited this reference makes it hard to believe that this mistake is due to ignorance.

This should be the last time the Perth Group ever try to claim this. An honourable person would admit that they have been in error.

Unfortunately the Perth Group have not admitted to errors in the past and have instead chosen to remain silent.

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