Re: Re: Re: Re: The non-existent knobs on "HIV" particles 28 July 2004
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Christopher J Noble,

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The non-existent knobs on "HIV" particles

Christopher Tyler quoted form a study:

"Clinical studies presented here directly demonstrate that low GSH levels predict poor survival in otherwise indistinguishable HIV-infected subjects. Specifically, we show that GSH deficiency in CD4 T cells from such subjects is associated with markedly decreased survival 2-3 years".

and wrote: In other words, it's the depleted GSH that is the critical factor here.

No, you are jumping to conclusions unsupported by the paper you cite. The phrase "In other words" is a prelude to a Perthian paraphrasing which attempts to twist a paper to support your case.

The critical factor is HIV!

Even the Perth Group admit that testing positive for HIV is the critical factor. When pressed they come up with wierd and wonderful theories about how oxidative stress causes the human genome to rearrange itself and amazingly produce HIV RNA, DNA and antigens but they do confirm that testing HIV positive is the critical factor.

If you read the paper you cited then you would see that a large proportion of the HIV negative subjects had the same GSH levels as HIV positive subjects. Clearly HIV status is the critical factor. Figure 2

And you still haven't explained why you used this paper to argue that HIV doesn't exist and doesn't cause AIDS while not carrying through the same logic and applying it to influenza. If we used Denialist logic here we would be forced to conclude that the influenza virus does not exist and does not cause influenza. Influenza is really caused by oxidative stress.

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