Re: KS risks. 26 July 2004
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Pennee Atkinson,

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Re: Re: KS risks.

Nicholas Bennett, stated:

“I found a reference that states "The overall incidence of Kaposi’s sarcoma after organ transplantation is 0.52%, 150-200 times more frequent than the general population" (Ganem D.: KSHV and Kaposi’s sarcoma: the end of the beginning? Cell 91: 157-60,1997. referenced from ). This is clearly a lot lower than that of untreated AIDS patients, but still significant.”

The question I would like to ask you Mr. Bennett is, Why did not the original organ owners develop KS? They obviously had the HHV8 virus in the first place?

Are you really trying to say that with HIV+ persons it is the virus called HIV that lowers the immune system enough so that the HHV8 virus is able to erupt but in organ recipients it is the result of their ingesting the immune suppressing DRUGS?

How can you rule out the immune suppressing drugs that HIV+ persons are taking, (e.g. AZT), as a causative agent for the eruption of HHV8 when it is obvious that these types of drugs are the direct cause in the case of organ recipients?

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