A Question for all you Vaccine Researchers 26 July 2004
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Pennee Atkinson,

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Re: A Question for all you Vaccine Researchers

To all those searching for a vaccine for the elusive "HIV"

I have one question. How are you going to determine if your vaccine works or not? Obviously once one is vaccinated they are going to test positive on an antibody test. So far that is the only conclusive evidence you have that there is LIVE HIV virus in a person so how then are you going to tell the difference between someone who was, “infected” with “HIV” or someone who was just inoculated?

I mean, you cannot wait until the ever-lengthening dormancy period is over to see if illness develops can you? I hear the dormancy periods are going upwards of twenty years now according to some researchers. At this rate I assume the HIV latent period and average life expectancy to be equal within a few years.

It seems to me these utter failures to find a vaccine for “HIV” could more properly be labeled, “job security”.

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