Re: Don't Let Inconsistent Denialists Get the 'Bess' of you... 23 July 2004
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Liam Scheff,
Independent - 02140

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Re: Re: Don't Let Inconsistent Denialists Get the 'Bess' of you...


Why give any argument that challenges the current paradigm even the slightest consideration. After all, the point here isn't to help people, or to create a more just, ethical and healthy world. The point is to be right, no matter what the cost.

Of course, if I'm incorrect, and that's not the point of medicine, then I expect that this paradigm will be immediately thrown wide open to all comers, and the new motto of the AIDS establishment will be:

"Anything that works, anything that is effective, in service of making people's lives better, is welcome."

But, as it stands, why give an inch? In fact, if we find ourselves challenged by the outrageous assertion that the tests are invalid or the drugs don't work - well, let's show them the folly of their ways:

"Children and Adherence (September 29, 2003)

"Treatment of HIV-infected children is complicated. Not all anti-HIV medications are approved for use by children. The correct dosing is not always known....Adherence is a major challenge for children and infants... A feeding tube directly into the stomach may be necessary if an infant refuses to swallow medications."

Thus, if a patient doesn't agree with the paradigm, then take away her or his ability to disagree. In any case, what rights do parents and children really think they have to determine their own medical treatment(especially when intelligent doctors can refuse to debate the underlying issues on their behalf?)

Indeed, why listen to the dissenters. If cutting children's stomachs open is the cost of being right, then it's certainly worth it...

Plod on, noble doctors. History has a name for this kind of thinking. Now might be good time to embrace the possibilities that you're currently denying, before that name sticks.

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