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James J Whitehead,
40A Josephine Avanue, London SW2 2LA,
James J Whitehead

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Reply to Noble: Recreational drugs can cause 'HIV' positivity

Dear Nicholas Bennett ,

In reply to:

"The clinical definition includes OIs and cancers that were shown very early on to be vastly more common in those with HIV than normal people. Kaposi's sarcoma is 33,000 times more common in people with HIV - so common that at one stage it was thought that HIV might even cause that particular type of KS (there are four types, AIDS-KS is the worst). The definition is rather circular, I readily admit, but it's for good reason not for the sake of proving that HIV causes AIDS! "

Please could I have a reference for: " Kaposi's sarcoma is 33,000 times more common in people with HIV". ?

Are you aware of massively varying rates of occurances of Kaposi Sarcoma (KS) and OI,s between the various risk groups with gay/men who have sex with men being by very far the worst effected risk group in the west?

Is it true that there are very few cases of Kaposi Sarcoma in hiv positive heterosexual people ?

For instance going of my memory as I dont have the paper with me at the moment Sir John Maddox published "proof" that hiv leads to aids and that hiv was/is the cause of aids in Nature. I am refering to the Darby Et el (United Kingdom) Medical research Council Oxford Heomophilia study, which studied approx 1200 plus people with heomophilia who where hiv positive over a 10 year period. I read the study with great interest as it supposedly listed the causes of death and the mortaity rates, comparing mortality rates of severe heomophilia with mild/moderate heomophilia and hiv negative mortality rates with hiv positive mortality rates.

Through Sir Johns 1 page editorial theres no mention of Kaposi sarcoma (KS), there is also no mention of Kaposi Sarcoma (KS)anywhere in the Darby ET al MRC Oxford Heomophilia study.

Sir John Wrote a reply to Alex Russle of Continuum Magazine stating words to the effect that the heaomopiliacs ( I prefer to say people with heomophilia) had died of diseases like Kaposi Sarcoma there for this proved hiv was the cause of aids.

However I telephoned one of the Darby Et al team and asked, theres no mention of Kaposi Sarcoma (KS) in your 10 year study of over 1200 people with heomophilia who are hiv positive, how many cases of Kaposi Sarcoma was there ?

He replied NONE.

I replied that was an intersting observation its a shame it was not mentioned anywhere in the study. ( please note this was just before the HHV8 theory of causation of KS came to the front).

One last point which I am sure you are aware of Kaposi Sarcoma sometimes occurs in hiv negative kidney transplant recipients .

I wonder how many more times Kaposi Sarcoma is common in this group?

The cause of the immunosuppression or Kaposi Sarcoma is not hiv, its the drugs used to prevent the rejection of the transplanted organ. I gather that p24 antigen can sometimes transiently appear and disapear in this group of patients as well but thats another matter .

Thank you

Best Wishes

James J Whitehead

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