Re: Re: HIV Tunnel Vision 21 July 2004
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James J Whitehead,
40A Josephine Avanue London SW2 2LA,
James J Whitehead

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Re: Re: Re: HIV Tunnel Vision

Dear Nicholas Bennett

Thankyou for your responce.In reply to: "I would say that, sadly, those proposing the role of oxidative stress as an entire replacement for that of HIV in causing AIDS have done their cause a disservice"

I cannot speak on behalf of John or but I can state that the purpose of me bringing the subject of oxidative stress up and writing that brief sampling was not to argue whether hiv exists or is or is not the single cause of CD4 disapearance or aids.Infact it was my intention to side step these issues.

The purpose of my posts and my reason for co writing the sampling was to draw attention to oxidative stress, antioxidants and nutrician both in helping prevent progression,wasting,TB,aids and also in helping to treat and prevent some of the toxicities associated with combination therapies , chemotherapies, antibiotics for those who have chosen to use them or for those who are forced to use them for what ever reasons disease progression or bad advise like Hit Hard Hit Early or complete lack of any provisions of any choices as is the case in many countries. I have been on combo myself (in the complete absences of any choices,provision or co-operation on or off combo asymptomatic or symptomatic) and have friends on it so am aware that the Toxicities are not the same as H20 as some clinnicians suggest.

Much of your responce I agree with.

however please could you expand your thoughts on this comment :"(although the oxidative stress may not itself seem to cause HIV expression, it's more likely the other way around in vivo)"

Are you saying that hiv itself causes oxidative stress ? or Are you saying oxidative stress is not pivatol to hiv expression ? or Are you saying oxidative stress is induced via hiv and the diseases it (hiv) causes ?

Do you agree that oxidative stress plays a pivatol role in CD4 disapearance or opoptosis or disease progression?

Do you agree that oxidative stress should be targeted with cheap very low toxicity antioxidants ?

Do you agree that under nutrician whatever the cause or causes speeds up progression and disease occurances whether it be TB, wasting, and or the diseases called aids ?

Do you agree that good nutrician should be a theraputic target in disease prevention ?

Your comments on co factors I agree with they should of been obvious targets, but very sadley are overlooked to this day.

If you could please provide any references accessable via the internet as I am housebound at the moment on very strong painkillers for weird liver problems.My opologies for poor english and grammer.

Best Wishes

James J Whitehead

Competing interests: Long term Survivor of hiv/oxidative stress/aids Researcher Continuum Magazine,Member of