Re: The HUT 78 cell line 20 July 2004
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Christopher J Noble,

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Re: Re: The HUT 78 cell line

The Perth Group wrote:

NOTE: The non "HIV" infected HUT78 (H9) cell line has been reported to express virus like buds and cell free particles.3

I fail to see what the Perth Group are trying to achieve with this citation. For a start the authors note Electron microscopy (EM) of cell sections showed cell associated virus-like particles (VLP), 50-60 nm in diameter, budding from the membrane of human lymphoid cells in culture. ...they could be distinguished from HIV by their characteristic morphology and smaller size.

Attentive readers would also note that they didn't observe HTLV-I virions in the HUT78 cultures.

Also, for the Perth Groups' information when the HUT78 cell line was established it was initially activated/stimulated with Concanavalin A. The Perth Group claim that this cell line was never activated/stimulated is therefore not true.

I leave it to the Perth Group to add bleach to this cell line and make it produce HTLV-I. It should be easy.

Finally, will the Perth Group answer my question? Has Gallo ever claimed that the HUT78 cell line is infected with HTLV-I?

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