Re: Re: Re: Where is the virus? 15 July 2004
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Christopher J Noble,

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Where is the virus?

The Perth Group wrote:

If Christopher Noble interprets the two quotes as a contradiction he is wrong. The second quote is taken from our 1997 paper published in Current Medical Research and Opinion (1) where we address "HIV" in vitro. The first quote addresses the situation in vivo. That is, "HIV" particles in plasma. Although "spikes, knobs" are considered by HIV experts essential for infectivity and thus the HIV theory of AIDS, we were prepared to accept even replication incompetent particles as "a good first step".

OK. I accept that this is what you really meant although this was not apparent from what you originally wrote.

I just hope that you won't start arguing that you know what Brian Foley meant better than he did himself.

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