'HIV' research and children 15 July 2004
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Christopher Tyler,

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Re: 'HIV' research and children

I thought it appropriate to bring to the attention of this forum a recent piece of journalism highlighting some of the more interesting 'research' being done in the name of 'HIV'. It seems, in the name of 'HIV', it's perfectly acceptable to use children as guinea pigs. If the children don't like that these 'therapies' because they make them feel awful and don't subsequently want to take them, don't worry, 'doctors' will just put a tube through their bellies into their stomachs and force these poisons in. Let's not concern ourselves with children who develop buffalo humps requiring surgery, or waste away or develop life threatening skin rashes or can't eat because of these 'therapies'. No, this is all in the name of 'HIV research' and so questioning must stop. A few dead children is no big deal. We can rest easy now knowing that the pharmaceutical companies are doing everything humanitarian to halt the blight of 'HIV'.



Of course, humanitarian concerns aside, we also have to lament the failure of a vaccine. All these millions of people world-wide infected and no one can seem to develop a vaccine. As Steve Sternberg of USA TODAY (7/13/2004) laments on this front page article, 'The search for an AIDS vaccine has long been overshadowed by the search for new AIDS drugs, which are far more profitable because patients must take them for life.'


For some reason the word racket comes to mind.

Chris Tyler

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