Re: Re: Re: Reply to Noble: Recreational drugs can cause 'HIV' positivity 14 July 2004
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Christopher J Noble,

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Reply to Noble: Recreational drugs can cause 'HIV' positivity

Alexander Russell wrote:

The Truth is Out There! Look! Look what is happening for yourself and what do you see? Where they claim there are putative 'HIV' epidemics you will find epidemics of recreational drug-use/and or TB, malaria and disease conditions related to poverty/malnutrition. Look at Eastern Europe and the Far East: what they call 'AIDS' epidemics are recreational drug epidemics where people who test 'HIV positive' are really testing for recreational drug use along with disease conditions related to poverty.

When I look what I see in common in all of these cases is HIV. I know that you and the Perth Group deny that it exists but simply denying the existence of something does not make it disappear.

Surely you must see how implausible it is to claim that a wide range of factors all cause AIDS (the list put forward by denialists includes antibiotics, corticosteroids, semen, benzene, malnutrition etc...) and completely coincidentally they all cause HIV tests to be positive.

I notice that you still haven't produced a reference to back up your claim for your hypothesis that cocaine causes HIV tests to be positive.

This is a perfect example of denialists insisting on "proof" for the existence of HIV but being incapable of producing evidence to support their own alternative theories.

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