Re: Re: Reply to Noble: Recreational drugs can cause 'HIV' positivity 13 July 2004
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Alexander H Russell,

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Re: Re: Re: Reply to Noble: Recreational drugs can cause 'HIV' positivity

Christopher J Noble sated: "Alexander Russell previously claimed:

'Cocaine and other recreational drugs are known to make these spurious wrongly termed 'HIV' tests run 'positive'...'

I simply asked Mr Russell for a reference to support this claim. The reference he supplied does not say what he claimed it said. It does not support his hypothesis for exactly the reasons that I have previously given. Alexander Russell should be directing his well developed skepticism towards the Perth Group that have misrepresented this letter.

If Alexander Russell has references that support his claim then I would advise him to provide them."

The Truth is Out There! Look! Look what is happening for yourself and what do you see? Where they claim there are putative 'HIV' epidemics you will find epidemics of recreational drug-use/and or TB, malaria and disease conditions related to poverty/malnutrition. Look at Eastern Europe and the Far East: what they call 'AIDS' epidemics are recreational drug epidemics where people who test 'HIV positive' are really testing for recreational drug use along with disease conditions related to poverty.

Regarding my hypothesis that recreational drug use can cause 'HIV positivity' the following maybe of interest:

In 1991, Elizabeth Dax, now head of the Australian National Serology Laboratory, and associates from the US National Institute on Drug Abuse HIV reanalysed 1985 Western blot strips of sera originally obtained from intravenous drug addicts in 1971-72. (The actual sera themselves were not available for retesting). Ten persons "with potentially positive WB patterns, when the more specific 1985 criteria were used", were traced.

One patient had died from a motor vehicle accident and there were "no lymphoreticular changes at autopsy, and a thorough retrospective analysis provided no evidence of either current substance abuse of HIV infection". Of the nine living addicts, two could not be assessed clinically, seven were not chronically ill, (one was in prison but in good health, one had been successfully discharged from a methadone program, one was enrolled in a methadone program, another sporadically consumed illicit drugs). "The two former patients whose 1971-72 WB results were most strongly reactive had current ELISA and WB assays that were negative. The immune function parameters were inconsistent with immune suppression". Their data led the authors to conclude, "it is possible that antibodies to a nonpathogenic virus would have disappeared during the 17 to 18 years...followup. Although this potential cannot be ruled out, it is more likely that the earlier results were false positives...definitive evidence of HIV infection in the United States' addict population as early as 1972 is still lacking" [1]. Thus although "HIV" is for life, drug addicts who manage to improve their health lose their 'HIV' antibodies.

1. Lange WR, Ball JC, Adler WH, et al. Followup study of possible HIV seropositivity among abusers of parenteral drugs in 1971-72. Pub Health Rep 1991;106:451-455

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