Re: Reply to Noble: Recreational drugs can cause 'HIV' positivity 12 July 2004
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Christopher J Noble,

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Re: Re: Reply to Noble: Recreational drugs can cause 'HIV' positivity

Alexander Russell wrote:

Christopher J Noble has misunderstood my basic argument....

Alexander Russell previously claimed:

Cocaine and other recreational drugs are known to make these spurious wrongly termed 'HIV' tests run 'positive'.

I simply asked Mr Russell for a reference to support this claim. The reference he supplied does not say what he claimed it said. It does not support his hypothesis for exactly the reasons that I have previously given. Alexander Russell should be directing his well developed skepticism towards the Perth Group that have misrepresented this letter.

If Alexander Russell has references that support his claim then I would advise him to provide them.

Alexander Russell can then tell us if he believes that syphilis and gonorrhea tests are also simply markers for cocaine use. The correlation is there. Can Alexander Russell explain it?

Perhaps this is an example of the - Correlation does not equal causation (Unless it's my correlation!) argument - that is favoured by the people who deny a relationship between HIV and AIDS. Any correlation between HIV and AIDS is dismissed or explained away but weaker correlations are declared to be causal.

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