Recreational drugs cause 'HIV' test to run positive 8 July 2004
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Alexander H Russell,

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Re: Recreational drugs cause 'HIV' test to run positive

Christopher J Noble stated:

"Alexander Russell wrote: 'Cocaine and other recreational drugs are known to make these spurious wrongly termed 'HIV' tests run 'positive'...' Does Alexander Russell have a reference for this claim?"

Yes: here are the requested references:

Looking Back on the Oxidative Stress Theory of Aids Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos Department of Medical Physics, Royal Perth Hospital, Perth, Western Australia

"That both intravenous and oral drug users develop positive "HIV" antibody tests was shown as far back as 1988 when Sterk reported that a higher percentage of prostitutes who use oral drugs (84%), than IV (46%), test positive.21

21. Sterk C. (1988). Cocaine and HIV seropositivity. The Lancet i:1052-1053.

An earlier study carried out amongst prostitute women in London, Paris and Hamburg showed that only those prostitute women who used recreational drugs tested 'positive' on the putative 'HIV' test. The London prostitutes that were not drug users all tested 'negative'. A similar pattern was observed amongst prostitute women in a study in New York of female crack cocaine addicts.

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