BBC News propagates Global 'HIV' Myths 6 July 2004
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Alexander H Russell,

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Re: BBC News propagates Global 'HIV' Myths

The BBC News (July 6th 2004) is still promoting the Global 'HIV' Fraud with fictitious and absurd statistics.

Here's the BBC's 'AIDS' hysteria headline: "Asia warned of 'Aids catastrophe'.."

Followed by the alarmist and unfounded claim that:

"Thirty-eight million people around the world are now living with HIV, the UNAids agency reports...Around 1.1 million people were diagnosed with HIV in Asia last year alone - more than any previous year. Significant increases in HIV infections were seen in China, Indonesia and Vietnam."

How do they arrive at these fantastic figures when there is no standardised or specific test for the putative 'HIV'? All these alarmist projections are totally meaningless because there is no such isolated entity as ‘HIV’. No one is ‘HIV positive'.

TB, malaria, conditions relating to poverty are well know factors in making the non-specific ‘HIV’ test run ‘positive’.

UNAids goes on with more science fiction:

“UNAids also warns the HIV epidemic is continuing to grow in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, where 1.3m people are living with HIV. Russia, which has over 3m injecting drug users, is one of the worst affected countries.”

No one is “living with HIV”. In Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Russia it is the recreational drug use – the drugs themselves – which make people test ‘HIV positive’ – not ‘HIV’ which does not exist. Cocaine and other recreational drugs are known to make these spurious wrongly termed ‘HIV’ tests run ‘positive’.

On Channel 4 New (6th July 2004) Dr Peter Piot, UNAids Executive Director, was still promoting the unproven hypothesis that ‘HIV’ is a sexually transmitted retrovirus but the hypothetical ‘HIV’ has never been isolated from semen or any bodily fluid.

I challenge Dr Peter Piot to prove that ‘HIV’ has been isolated and is sexually transmitted.

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