Re: Time Travel and HIV 2 July 2004
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Paul Whiting,
Administrative Assistant
Portland, Oregon

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Re: Re: Time Travel and HIV

Tony Floyd stated that:

The Perth Group stated that: In 1997 Pablo Gluschankof, Hans Gelderblom and their colleagues wrote: "Virus ["HIV"] to be used for biochemical and serological analyses or as an immunogen is frequently prepared by centrifugation through sucrose gradients. The fractions containing viral antigen and/or infectivity are considered to contain a population of relatively pure virus particles"5 (emphasis ours). In the same year, 1977, Montagnier...

You can't invent rules for retrovirus isolation AND time travel. You've really gone too far now.

It was a typographical error! I am just a lowly Administrative Assistant, with a high school diploma and some college education, and even I could figure that one out!

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